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Preparing your home for sale: the interior

Exteriors attracts, but interiors sell! You don’t have to break the bank to make your home stand out. Often, it is the little things that can add the most value to the property. In the real estate markets, first impression may be the last impression, so make it count by appealing to all five senses. When preparing your home for the market, remember the three C’s. Clean it up, Clear the clutter and make Cosmetic improvements


Scrub and polish. Start with the kitchen and bathrooms! Ensure all appliances are spotless through and through. Make sure to scour walls, floors, bath tubs, showers and sinks until they sparkle. Make a memorable experience by ensuring the house is spotless and odourless. Consider using citrus-scented potpourri or air fresheners to keep the house odour-free.


Clutter can reduce your house’s value. Clear away kitchen counters and keep dirty dishes out of the sink. Eliminating clutter and excess furniture makes rooms appear larger. Dump all that junk you have accumulated over the years in your attic and basement. Closet space sells houses. It is time to hit the Salvation Army and donate the clothes you do not wear anymore. Clean closets out and organize them. Make them look large and roomy! Do the same with built-in drawers. Like it or not, serious buyers will inspect your closets and built-in drawers.Condo for sale in Vancouver


Painting isn’t expensive if you do it yourself. Stick to conventional soft whites and other neutral colours that will appeal to most prospective buyers’ tastes. Pay attention to everything in your house that could cause the buyer to “reduce your price.” Find it and repair it before you put it on the market. Look for any hairline cracks over doors or windows and nail pops in sheetrock. Locate any ceiling stains and the source of the leak. Check for windows with cracked panes or that don’t open and shut properly. Watch for doors that stick, do not close or slide properly. Check bathrooms for signs of mildew, rust stains in sinks and toilets, missing tiles or grout, or inadequate caulking around tubs. Check for drippy faucets, slow draining sinks, and tubs, broken mirrors, etc. Check all kitchen appliances that remain with the property.houses for sale in Vancouver


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