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New development in Vancouver's West End - Listel Hotel

Bosa Properties has just unveiled a new concept for Vancouver - a combined hotel and rental living above to tackle the evolving demand in the city for both short and long term rentals. This news comes in light of recent announcement by the British Columbia Government of the new Short Term Accommodations Legislation.

Listel Hotel first opened its doors at 1300 Robson Street in 1992. Currently, it is a six-storey building with 129 hotel rooms, and two restaurants. The proposed development will transform the building into a 28-storey tower with 174 guest rooms and 126 purpose-built rental homes.

The proposed development promises state-of-the-art amenity spaces including a Japanese-inspired spa, swimming pool, gym, games room and many spaces for conducting business. The building will also offer top-notch restaurants.

There is no requirement for a Rezoning Application or Public Hearing as the building fits the existing zoning regulation. Construction is expected to start in September 2025.

This development is a positive sign for the city that is lacking both short-and-long-term-rentals. Such development will bolster the supply of hotel rooms ahead of high-profile events such as the Fifa World Cup in 2026.

The City of Vancouver is currently shaping the new West End Community Plan, to proceed the 2013 plan. The City hopes to establish Robson street as "a vibrant, fun and unique shopping destination for the neighbourhood and region".


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